kawaii_tori (kawaii_tori) wrote in v_little_time,

one of three songs by Lacey.(age 13)

"Holy Wings of Fire" - Heaven's Anguish

Hello world,doing a handstand

Eyes,turning 'round to see the future

Amber liquid,chokingly thick

Me,smiling dimly into the night

CHORUS: Hey there,dreamer,laughing at the rest

Shadows,dancing deep into the night

Copper bells,forever calling your name

Me,and Holy Wings of Fire.

What up friend,laughing without a smile

Hang on,Holy Hell's a fighter

Breathing,really quite a struggle now

Living,don't really have a reason

*CHORUS:Hey there,lonely child (child of darkness)

Shadows,fading away with the light

Copper bells,ringing mercilessly for you

Me,and Holy Wings of Fire.

Tears,flowing without an end

Tired,can't sleep at all anymore

Slam,once again it's the door

Me,and my heart without a friend.

**CHORUS:Hey there,lonelywind girl

Shadows,cradeling the sorrowed dreams

Copper bells,ringing tales of lost dead

Me,And Holy Wings of Fire.

(repeat * and **)

Me,and Holy Wings of Fire....








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