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yes, i figured now would be a lovely time to start posting some of my... 'work'... yeh... some quote unquote songs that i wrote... no music... just lyrics... so it's kinda like poetry, but it's meant to be with music, but it's not like you could hear the music anyways, so it doesn't really matter and now i'm gonna stop talking and just write the stupid thing... ^_^

SCREAM escape this-

BLEED let the blood-

CRY every last little-

WORD is wasted on-


here i am wondering/what you're doing/ to your self/ i'm wishing- that you'd just get away from me/ i guess i thought you loved me/ clearly i was wrong...

DREAM your last-

NIGHTMARE is running through my-

HEART which keeps on-

TRYING to get out of this-


your love/ is nothing i want now/ i've given up on you/ and the last thing i have to say to you is/ GET THE HECK AWAY FROM ME/ i don't love you anymore/ the stars used to ring out your name/ now they scream only bloody murder/ i wish that i could give you---


MIND is wishing you were -

DEAD and buried under-

NEATH my ever loving-

DOORSTEP which is deeper than-

YOUR EYES that tell me your-

LYING and wishing i was-

GONE away from you-


and now/ i wish that too...



yeh... that's it of my sucky writing... i guess that's all for now... that is what this community's for, yes?... well, yeh... anyways... i guess i'll go now and wait for the comments to begin rolling in... lol ^_^


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