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Give Yourself Over To The Music...

And... MOSH PIT!!!

Very Little Time, a songwriters community.
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Welcome to Very little Time. So much to do, write, dream and believe. But very little time to do it in. If you love music, want to talk about singers, bands, concerts, your own stuff, instruments. ANYTHING music related. This is you're place.

A few rules though...

1) No really bad hate songs. Like "I'm gonna kill you mutha fucka watch your back like a demon! Fuck fuckitty fuckfuck." Yeah. None of that shit please...

2) No racism or sexism.. that's not cool. so there! :P

3) Consider any and all music made and shared in this community under a copyright. The people in this community worked with heart and soul on these lyrics, video ideas, and all. So no stealing is allowed. If someone posts something in this community and it is copied in any way I will hunt you’re ass’s down!

3. B.) Note: Song writers? The best way to prevent this is to put your work under friend lock. So only people in the community can read it. If you need help with that (which I doubt you do) Please comment me and ask.

4) Okay ANY kind of music is allowed. Rap, hip-hop, emo, death metal, country, rock. EVERYTHING! Kinda lame or good! I don't care! Feel free to post it!

5) I don't care what you have against me or any members of this community! I want everyone to be able to post. There will be no fighting or flame wars and please feel free to comment. Just stay within the rules Kay?

6) Have Fun!!!

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