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Finnally! I found um! time for some of my better works...



I'm calling. Where are you? I'm screaming. It's lonely. Colors are fading hesatating. The clock  is ticking and though i cry


The liqued poors out. rain patters down. Shattered glass you pass right by me. But still i love you. Even while chocking back blood.


The blade is pulled and plunged once more. I implore you look at me! Am I that sickining? You just keep walking. Tears stain my face. Why can't you see them?


CH. Can't breath past all this blood. All my colors have drained away. Bells are chiming. Oops i'm dying!  Chocking back blood x 2


Acid Love

Help me to swallow your lies. Choke it back up. damn i despise you. Trying todigest acidic love game over. times up. Dude your fucked!



Roll the dice. Snake eyes. Pay the price. I no longer need you. I no longer care. Welcome to the real world. gamble with the devil truth or dare?


locked away in the depths of my room, incense burning. Speakers on high. Greenfishnets ride my thighs. Let's see if we can't turn your toxins to wine

Give em another roll! One i despise her. Two I delight for sure. Three burn another stick. Four i feel sick. Five hold back another cry. Six Baby time for you to fry!!! CH

A dare would be nice...


Doll House.

I'm trapped within this dollhouse. Please! No more tea. I can't stand to even think... Was this what you meant for me?


Chipping and cracked. Beyond repare. Still this doll stares out at you. Friends you say. Just words gone astray. I'm just your toy tormented to no end. Locked in this dollhouse unable to bend.


Did you meen to be so cruel? I thought you said you loved me? I'm just a puppet only these cursed strings tie me to you Only to be used then reshelved. So it's true...


I wish... My china lips hum a song la la la la la you drop me. I shatter. Free from the warned and tattered.  Face rubbed clean and still unbending...




That same burning returns to my eyes. Smears on the paper from lead tears that I cry!

I've tried hard to tell you just how i feel. Now here it goes. Take a dive the cold of your heart numbs my mind.

Not me not ever? Friends say "For the better." kill me with poisen rope or a gun. But please don't turn me away, let me down, or cast me aside.



Hope faith love and joy are but childish toys. You will be mine. By this knife i swear i'll have you! Still say no? carve out my body till it's black like my mind. Carving away. Sticky sweet pencil writing tight little lines.


"Honey are you okay? What's this? BLOOD! Help! Someone help her!"


Day by day, my breaths come shorter,
i grow weaker. You feed off me!
The Midnight man. Great power king,
my darling love. For all that be.


Hold me down. Now i can't sleep.
It's a miracle should i dream.
These cold arms that loved me so,
have become unwelcome as the frigid snow.
Find another to warm my heart again.
To hold me.

She loved me once when we were wild.
Feirce, untamed. Her and i were but small children.
Both suffering from "Peter pan syndrome" Never gonna grow up.
or do as were told we had each others arms to hold us.
Nothing in the world could stop us.
She grew up and i stayed behind. Stuck in that space of time.
Those arms that used to hold me, in my dreams they now.
Hold me down.

Hold Me.
i need a love.
hold me.
and never hurt me.
Hold me til i die. 'til i die!

My writings and the darkness keep me sane.
But for how long?
i'm in my garden, waiting for him.
Will he be the one to heal me?
To restore me? Get rid of the scars left over.
left by he, by she, by me? Will he hold me?

Hold me
Hold me.
So warm now isee. Are you here to hold me?
or just hold me down?


Bleed me
Fuck you
Touch me
Burn you
Bite me?
Bleed you!

It hurts your love it stings and yet I scream at the feel of your knife plunging home, such pleasure, for me!

Little boy that’s you, so lost, so smooth, so perfect. “angel face” touch me, fuck you, such grace!


In blood I smile you stayed for the night. Fresh blood. on the tile. still warm, so sweet. You bath, I bleed. Such pleasure! For me!
when your gone for good I’ll smile stay clean… for awhile.


When I come you leave. Work done. Fuck me! she’s new. Just for you. To pure, won’t bleed. Then she’s down on her knees bleeding like me.

Bleed me! Bleed me! Please?



Your smile, so sweet, the tears you cried are only mine to keep. Your skin in meld with mine, so familiar. I cry wounds from long ago. My head on your shoulder. Lost in the rain is there something more to the same old game.

I’ve seen that smile.
I’ve known your eyes.
I feel your light inside my mind.
You were here before, a time or two, but no matter how I try one thing stays true…
I just keep losing you.

The majik that’s stirred, that mingles between us. It’s not everyday, ordinary, or love. Those are to simple to tell what’s driving us, I knew the glow of your eyes, two blocks away under the Dutch Brother’s Sign. You said you could smell my incense from across the river. We had never met or heard a word of each other our eyes barley meet…and…


I put my nose to the air thought I smelt you on the wind, sometimes I think I’m waiting for a day that will never come. So why is it that all do I fall, fall, and fall for you!!! You’ll only leave again, die or bleed! You’re my only you’re the one! It’s you or no one! So I’ll keep hurting and dying again and no matter what century you and I are in…


I just keep losing you…

No Cross

“Daddy is there really a heaven?”
“What do you think?”
“No? Why not?”
“Well even IF it was real… it won’t be there much longer.”

No cross, no thor ny crown. Angels keep falling, the pleasure to tempting soon leaves heaven empty. Cold as the tombs where their dust still lies. Because of people like me heaven’s a dream. A comfort for the weak. How the scared love to lie.

Jesus or Buddah
Evolution or Eve
Big Bang or Magic
Forever or Dream

God is a lie. Satan isn’t down there. Lava and earth holding us down.
Mommy always told me that when I was bad pray, pray he’ll for give you. Why not she? Why not it? Why not veronica the ass stick? Why not me?

The bible was written by a mad man. The ark is from mars. Solmon wore a wig and collected life insurrence. Moses worked a bar. Heaven’s a lie! Wake up he isn’t comin’! Wake up your dreaming. Poor things, there is no Eden.


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