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This song needs alot of work... But hey it's a start.

"Tangerine Faery tales"

Somethings are never gonna change another fucking emo song to fuel my rage. Tear of my silken wings. Shatter my glass slipper against the dungeon wall. Beast is still a beast. Roses can't dispell this romance gone wrong.

I hate you and love you.
Obsession a lesson tis hard learned.
I drink poisen. And die for you.
I lay cold for all eternity.
You'll rise the next day.
Vampire kiss's oh so sweet.
Tangerine faery tales last a little longer
Keep me on my feet.

My first kiss helped to put me in the grave, not take me out.
I'm still in my ivory tower as you ride off and shout.
No dragons have been slayed.
No witch's brew de-bunked the only knightly thing you've done.
Is fill my head with smutt.


Tangerine faery tales.
Keep me upon my feet.
Help to heal your sting.
My braiden hair is cut.
my tiara on the floor.
This lil princess sneaking out the back door.
Away from you.
and onto tangerine wish's.
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