randey (love_lives) wrote in v_little_time,

howdy!... yes... i'm posting again... ^_^

the truth about this song is that i've had it for, practically the begining of the *school* year... and... i just found it in the abyss known as my binder, so i guess i'll post it... i mean, hey, why not?... that's what i'm spossed to do right?... ^_^

My heart long bleeding-

I feel Like i'm Needing-

Soon a quick Escape-

But i'm Far Too Late-----


i'm Crying-

i'm Dying- (get me out of here)-

i'm Trying-

and Lying- (bring me Closer Near-)

i'm Wishing-

and Missing-

Everything you Say-

every Night and Day-----


if Only you were here- (then it would be oka-y)

i'm Dreaming of you- (but i need rea-lity-----)

i'm Hoping- (that Every Little Thing I Do-)

Wouldn't Remind Me---- (of you----------)



yeh... there we go. that last verse i added, but that's about it... i guess that's all... ^_^


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