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this is a REALLY bad song, but it came to me so i decided to write it.


Why did you say those things to me?
Because of all the lies.

Why you hurt me?
Because you said, "I despise you!"

But why you walked away?
You should know that!

But the promblem is you see.
Is that you never really knew me.

I'm aching from playing your games!
My knees are bloody from crawling back to you!
The world i live in is muddy and grey.
"Fuck you" Well, woop dee doo!
I lie? Well guess what bitch? So do you!!!

We said the same thing to one another.
"Your not the same friend that i first met. Your somebody diffrent."
Well don't bother to repeat yourself i heard you loud and clear.
"I want you gone out of my life for good! Stop talking about me stop saying my name!"
WEll gee sweatheart ain't it a shame! I can't help but utter those words and every time i do another tear falls. Shattering my heart.


I'm used and i'm broken. Yet i'm the only one to blame! No "I shouldn't haves" or "maybe all of us need to" It's all about YOU YOU YOU! You were in so much pain from being near me. Then why am i the one bound in chains?

Ch. You hurt me. Your hurt me! YOU HURT ME TOO! but you only care about the wound inside you.
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